Arjun Charan Behura

Let the Twilight Pass


A happy coincidence takes Manoj and Tarun to the bustling city of Calcutta. In quick time, Manoj makes a mark as the resident editor of a national English daily. So does Tarun as the superintendent of police in a highly volatile political atmosphere in the state ruled by a communist regime. They have fond memories of times spent together as childhood friends in the city of Cuttack of Orissa. For Manoj, life in the new city hits a trough when he discovers that his son Rahul has been kidnapped from his school and kept in the custody of Naxals. Tarun lends his weight in the hunt for the perpetrators and it leads them on to Jungle Mahal. What comes out of it all is something they would never have imagined in the wildest of their dreams.

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Manoj and Tarun, two childhood friends rekindling their friendship in Calcutta, find their lives embroiled in turmoil when Manoj’s son gets kidnapped by Naxals. Tarun’s investigation as superintendent of police leads them on to Jungle Mahal. What they find goes beyond the wildest of their dreams. An exhilarating thriller.

Arjun Charan Behura is an engineer by profession. Born and brought up in Odisha, India, he has fallen in love with the world of letters since his school days. LET THE TWILIGHT PASS is his debut as a writer of fiction.

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Arjun Charan Behura




B-Format (129 mm x 198 mm)

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November 2019