Jason Hinojosa

The Conception of Zachary Muse


The girl, Evangeline Muse, gives birth alone in a lagoon. She returns home with the newborn child and falls asleep in the arms of Will Archer, who whispers to her: ‘I will love you for the rest of my life.’ It’s the first time they’ve embraced. Zachary Muse’s magical birth is the central mystery of this lush and lyrical story set in an idyllic coastal village, bright visions of artistry and longing bloom like jungle flowers. As poetic vignettes, the interweaving lives of Will Archer, the Muse family, and a peculiar man named Thomas Greene foster and bear witness to both visceral, spiritual healing and the transformational power of erotic love.

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Zachary Muse’s magical birth begins a spiritual journey of healing to show the transformative power of erotic love. In his lyrical and fable-like book, Jason Hinojosa paints a beautiful family drama set against a small picturesque village with rubber trees, lagoons and blooming flowers.

Jason Hinojosa is the acclaimed author THE LAST LAWSONS (ROMAN Books, 2012). He taught literature and creative writing in Florida and Hong Kong and currently teaches at Brentwood School. In the last decade, he has lived and worked in Hong Kong, India, and Rwanda and now lives in Los Angeles. He has published a number of short stories and won two literary awards. THE CONCEPTION OF ZACHARY MUSE is his second novel.

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February 2013