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Was Hidimba a victim of patriarchal mindset in an era where unwed mothers and their offspring roamed about without a stigma? Were egalitarianism and liberalism exclusive preserves of an exalted race or a class? Set in India of 3000 years ego, HIDIMBA is a unique and fascinating story of twirling web of emotions of fear and fearlessness, romance and pangs of separation, justice and sacrifice, palace intrigue and deceit; and bewildering obfuscations of those who are supposed to uphold high morals. While the judgment is still out on whether it is a fiction or history, Natasha’s painstaking research has brought forth many previously unknown glimpses of one of the bravest queens of a bygone era. In many ways, Hidimba’s struggles against racial and gender prejudices are similar to those faced by present-day women – as if times never change.

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A revelatory work by renowned Hindi author and history enthusiast Dr Natasha Arora, HIDIMBA is an emotional whirlwind that blurs the thin lines between fiction and history. One of the bravest queens of ancient India, Hidimba struggles against the racial and gender prejudices of her time, in many ways echoing the plight of today’s women: battling patriarchal stigma, moral dogma and exclusionary practices.

November 1944-born and a Lucknow University post-graduate, Dr Natasha Arora is a renowned Hindi author. She specializes in sensitive portrayal of feminine struggles and dilemmas, combining literary grace with deep understanding of vicissitudes of a woman’s life. Natasha is a history buff, and has compered and anchored several programs of Lucknow and Ahmedabad stations of Doordarshan. She has won all-India honours including Ratnadevi Samman by Kamala Goenka Foundation, Mumbai and Mahadevi Verma Samman by Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan for YUGANTAR and HIDIMBA, respectively. Her anthologies of short-stories, BAHURANGI and MANRANGI, have won Kamleshwar and other awards. Natasha’s latest novel, MUKTI-BANDHAN, has just been released.

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