David James

Letters of Death (Sir Roger 2)


The year after his first successful commissioned assignment from the Prime Minister Gladstone, Sir Roger Evesham is faced with the news of a series of baffling deaths of various eminent personages of the British industry and one Cambridge Professor of Natural History. The deaths, as reported in the newspaper, occur after the victims open an ostensibly innocuous letter. As Gladstone again appoints Roger to solve the mystery, Roger discovers that the insides of the envelopes are coated with a rubbery substance which creates an insulated pocket ensuring that the letter is sealed in its place.

As Prime Minister Gladstone becomes increasingly concerned about the vulnerability of the influential industrialists and capitalists who fall into the list of potential victims, deaths continue to occur. When one morning Roger receives a similar letter he comes to the most difficult moment of his life. From the acclaimed author of Descendants of Evil this second Roger adventure from David James takes us to even darker shades of Victorian underworld where survival is only a question of right decision.

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In another amazing page-turner from the acclaimed author of DESCENDANTS OF EVIL, Sir Rogers is engulfed in the mystery of serial murders of influential industrialists and capitalists. Appointed by Prime Minister Gladstone again to solve the case, David James takes us to even darker shades of Victorian underworld.

David James is the acclaimed author of DESCENDANTS OF EVIL. He was born and brought up in Wales. He now lives in Carmarthenshire.

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