Nikita Saini

Almighty Grace


Agatha is just seventeen and simply wanted to enjoy her life and live it enthusiastically. She had always loved adventure and was full of curiosity but had no idea that the same adventure and curiosity would cause the biggest trauma to not only her own life but each and everyone related to her. Agatha wanted to know the power of the mind and was in search of something that could increase the mind’s power. She wanted to know how much power the mind of a person contains and she tried every possible thing to do so. For that, she was sometimes scolded by her mother and the entire family, but she continued. At such a time, many strange things started to happen to her of which she had no idea. But now, instead of giving up, she becomes more determined to look forward. Then, things around her change, and she brings herself and her friends into a world from where she can’t find the way to escape. The only way out is death.

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Seventeen-year-old Agatha had no idea what her penchant for adventure lay in store for herself and everyone she knew. Hell-bent on finding a way to increase the mind’s power, even to her family’s chagrin, Agatha’s curiosity peaks with each odd event she faces. Then, things around her change; she leads her friends into a strange world, where they all find themselves trapped. The only way out is death.

Nikita Saini is all of seventeen years old and has been writing for the last four years. She loves to read. ALMIGHTY GRACE is her debut novel.

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Nikita Saini




B-Format (129 mm x 198 mm)

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November 2014